Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Pathfinder Chronicles: City of Strangers (part 2)

On Monday I shared with you the monsters I created for the recently released book from Paizo Publishing, Pathfinder Chronicles: City of Strangers. Monsters weren't all I was tasked with, I also produced three pieces that were all a little more human...

Aranis Wizard
© 2010 Paizo Publishing, LLC

Slave Rougher
© 2010 Paizo Publishing, LLC

© 2010 Paizo Publishing, LLC

For not being monsters these were really fun to work on. I tried to go nuts with all the textures and details with the costuming. I am really happy with how everything turned out in this book.

Funny side story... while at Gen Con I stopped by the Paizo booth to flip through a copy of City of Strangers because I hadn't gotten a good look at it yet and wanted to show it to a friend. A Paizo representative came up to me and told me to let him know if I had any questions. When he saw what I was looking at he introduced himself as James Sutter, the author of the book. Very cool! I of course introduced myself as one of the contributing artist, and we had a 'small world' laugh. Did I mention before how cool Gen Con is?

GEEK NIGHT 2010 is coming! I will have an official post about it on Friday. Mark your calendars, Sept 24th 8:30 pm on the campus of Florida State University! Until then...

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  1. Awesome work. Nice to see you do some characters aswell! The wizard is definatly my favorite. Great colours and design on his clothes and accessories.

    Keep up the good work :)

  2. Thanks! :) Though I try to specialize in just monsters I do find myself working on people here and there. At least I can give them neat outfits ;P

  3. I just spent 20 minutes on the Aranis Wizard. Amazing work, as always!

  4. Thanks Chris! Glad you like the piece, it was a really fun one to work on :)