Friday, September 24, 2010


Tonight is the night! GEEK NIGHT 2010! If you are in north Florida stop on by for the fun and FREE sketch cards. Speaking of sketch cards here are some more that I have ready for folks coming out tonight...

Geek Night sketch cards
© 2010 Christopher Burdett

Geek Night sketch cards
© 2010 Christopher Burdett

Geek Night 2010 • Union Ballrooms
Friday, September 24 • 8:30 p.m. • Free for all all ages

For more details on Geek Night you can find them all HERE. Hope to see you out there tonight. Stop by and say hi and get a sketch card and enter to win a FREE print... wait, have I not mentioned the drawing for the FREE print until now? My bad... FREE sketch cards and a drawing for a FREE print! Plus video games, board games, other artists, and lots more geeky fun!

That is all for this week. I have a full day ahead of me before Geek Night. See you back here on Monday for a recap of how things went. Until then...

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