Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Geek Night 2010 wrap up

Back on my feet and ready to talk about Geek Night 2010. First let me say I did have photos of Lee Bretschneider and Justin Peterson tables at Geek Night but they turned out so horribly that it would have done them an disservice to show them here. I am sure they will blog or post about their adventures at Geek Night, so please stop by their sites when you have a chance. My apologies for having an unreliable camera.

Geek Night 2010! Way better then last year. It was crazy busy and a blur of a night. Last year people just wanted to get their sketch card and get out but this year folks wanted to talk and were willing to wait to have a custom sketch drawn for them. I still have many of the sketch cards I created in advance, but I know I will be able to put them to good use later. Enough talk... bring on the pictures!

My table set up with my huge custom banner I made myself in case there was not one provided for me by the event. ...note to self, bring at least 4 more next time...

An event like this is the perfect opportunity to give away older promotional items! And look, you can win a free print and get a free sketch card!

Here is that canvas print of the Scuttling Grizzly again. The first person that walked up to my Friday night pointed at it and ask, "Did you make that?" and when I him I had he followed up with, "Did you make the pictures on the computer too?"

This would be the before mentioned "free print". 11 x 17 inches of tentacled horror. Really happy with how this one turned out.

And last but not least, our winner of the print! Congrats!

A big thanks to everyone at the FSU Union Productions for having us out again this year and to everyone that came out! I hope you all enjoy your sketch cards and that you had a fun time. I know I did!

If you missed out on Geek Night, don't worry, I have another event coming up at the end of October! More on this soon!

See you back hear on Wednesday for something new. Until then...

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  1. Thanks so much! Hopefully they will be available for general consumption soon!

  2. If you have any sketch cards left over by the time Illuxcon rolls around I would LOVE to have one of my own :)