Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mutation Nation Drawings

Today I have for you the drawing that went into the two Mutation Nation pieces that I have shared with you, the Scuttling Grizzly and the Rhinostrich. You might notice some small changes in comparison to the finals but I was fairly faithful to the drawings. I think the biggest change was flipping the Rhinostrich horizontally before I got started. I had a break last night from painting and I decided that my time was best used starting another Mutation Nation drawing... I think it is some sort of illness.

Scuttling Grizzly © 2010 Christopher Burdett

Rhinostrich © 2010 Christopher Burdett

I was asked recently why I put so much into these drawings if they are ultimately for paintings. I gave an answer about how I put more time into drawing that are for myself or that have deadlines that allow me the time to work on them for a while. I think I also mentioned that by spending extra time on them it gives me something tangible that is precious and not inside the computer - for display or sale. While these are all true, I think I missed the real reason... I love to draw. I have heard so often from painters that still work traditionally (and painters that long to return to traditional media) that they love the tactile and visceral element of moving a brush through paint on a surface. Well, drawing does that for me. I love drawing, moving the pencil on the paper. Even when I am painting on the computer I am still moving a stylus along a surface. I always think of it as 'super drawing' - I am painting... but it feels like drawing.

Make sure you are back here on Friday to get all the details for my art show next week. I got some of my prints back yesterday and I am super excited! Always nice when your best expectations are blown out of the water by a quality job. Until then...

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