Friday, December 4, 2009

Carrion Hulk - Dreamblade

Against my better judgments I am bringing you all of the Carrion Hulk that I designed for Dreamblade. I say 'all' of the Carrion Hulk because there is not much point in showing you just the final designs without showing you my first version.... though it pains me to do so. I originally designed the Carrion Hulk for set 3, Chrysotic Plague, but due to production changes unknown to me it was released in set 4, Anvilborn. This change was fine with me since it meant that the piece was eventually released. I know I say this a lot about my Dreamblade deigns, but this was one of my favorites and I was really looking forward to seeing it as a finished miniature. Even though this mini ended up being one of my favorites it didn't start out that way. It gave me lots of fits and starts and I was a little lost and overwhelmed with the art order. The Carrion Hulk (not it's original name mind you, but that is another issue all together) had the most complex description of any of the Dreamblade I ever produced. Faced with this challenge I took up my pencil and... choked... After several even worst false starts I turned this in as my first version of the Carrion Hulk:

I hold my head in shame. When I think back about this drawing I would get a twisting pain in my gut.

Looking at it fresh with a few years between me and it I can look at it a little more objectivity. Okay, it is not the worst drawing ever, but is lacking a lot. A LOT. Why am I showing this off? I must be mad. To help better demonstrate how I see the above drawing I have created a mental image simulation. So lets journey into my mind and look at the above drawing with all my art baggage hanging off it:

YIKES! I am a hack and need to give up art!

Much to my surprise I was not immediately fired from this job and in fact was given some very helpful feedback and direction. I put my thinking cap on and got to work on something better... which looking back at the first version would not have taken much. I actually was riding in a car on a road trip when I began the below drawing which ended up being the approved front view of the Carrion Hulk. I guess I needed a change of scenery to get my mind back in gear. So, after 8 hours of drawing I had the approved Carrion Hulk:

Carrion Hulk - © 2005 Wizards of the Coast LLC
Okay... maybe I am slightly better then a hack.

The additional views were a piece of cake at this point and I quickly had a completed approved turnaround for the Carrion Hulk:

Carrion Hulk - © 2005 Wizards of the Coast LLC

To see the final production Carrion Hulk, click HERE. That is all for this week. I am knee deep in miniature turnarounds and loving every minute of it. Next week I should have some more armor, maybe a mini or two and some new work that some how slipped under the radio and came out the beginning of last month! Until then...

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  1. Wow, huge improvement! Good job sticking with it and coming out with a really sweet design in the end. :)

  2. I have to admit that I've always thought that big brown snake coming out of its anus to be the most disgusting feature of any Dreamblade figure I'd seen. Now that I know it started as a tail, the world is a somewhat less scary and perplexing place in which to live...

  3. That "artists interpetation" is hilarious. I gotta say, each one of your articles about DB inspires me to dig out the minis and really give a look over. I had never really paid much attention to Carrion Hulk.

    You did an excellent job on it. I like the original one too. :)