Wednesday, June 3, 2009

More bugs and a fish - Dreamblade

Another look back at some Dreamblade miniature designs. These are from set 4, Anvilborn, which was the first set I had the opportunity to work with the Art Director Peter Whitley. If my memory serves me, I have not shown anyone some of these drawings, you get to be the first!

Today we meet the Omen Locust, Foul Beetle and the Abyssal Predator. That's right, more bugs! As I mentioned before, I have designed a lot of bugs for Dreamblade, but only one fish. Sometimes I hit a home run on the first drawing and sometimes I have to give it a fresh look after receiving notes from the AD. All three of these required some level of revision.

My first passes on these 3 miniatures. I know the Omen Locust is all wrong here.. but it always creeped me out... I imagined it human sized and standing right behind you, clicking it's mandibles.

A couple revision notes later I was on the right track and on my way to approved designs.

Final Omen Locust

Final Foul Beetle

Final Abyssal Predator

I am really happy with how these translated into their final miniature form, sometimes things get lost along the journey into plastic but these held up. Check out their final plastic goodness here: Omen Locust, Foul Beetle, Abyssal Predator.

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