Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bloodwolf - Dreamblade

Another quick post due to time constraints, but it gets to be a look back at a miniature from the very first set of Dreamblade, so that is cool, right? You betcha!

Today I bring you the Bloodwolf and it's many quick sketches that give me wonder to why on Earth I am letting them see the light of day. Since Dreamblade was my first miniatures project AND my first Wizards of the Coast project I was feeling a lot of internal pressure to be super amazing. This manifested in me doing a lot of sketches - often rather fast - to pinpoint the direction I needed to go with the the design. As I got more and more experience under my belt the process did streamline some what - and the quality of the sketches greatly improved.

I hit the general body shape and pose on the first pass but there was much tweaking of his details to come. Added veins and worked of variations of his "blood vats" on it's back. The final addition of the explosives got the blood wolf signed off and I could move on the final.

Final turnaround for the Bloodwolf. To see how the final production miniature turned out, click here

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