Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Troglodyte Bonecrusher

Another crazy busy week and I am running a little behind schedule today, so a quick look back at the Troglodyte Bonecrusher I redesigned for the Dungeons of Dread expansion of Dungeons and Dragons. The redesign process went fairly quickly for this monster and I was told the end product was very well received by the development folks on D&D. The first pass on the other hand...They wanted the Troglodyte to have the proportions of a dwarf and to be a feral minion to stronger smarter masters. This first pass was seen to be too civilized and lacked the correct proportions. So with that in mind I moved onto a new drawing.

I nailed it on the second drawing. The only outstanding change they wanted was to equip it with a cruder weapon. The art order did originally call for a mace but reviewing this incarnation it just didn't seem right now.

Equip one crude club. Made out of rock? Or is that a fossilized piece of shell? Or both? Turns out there was one minor tweak as I moved into the final turn around and that was to adjust the angle of the club.

Final turn around of the Troglodyte Bonecrusher. To see how the final production miniature turned out, click here.

I would also like to thank everyone that voted for me for last weeks ArtOrder challenge. It is an honor to win and I could not have done it with out your votes. THANKS!

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