Wednesday, April 22, 2009

BUGS BUGS BUGS! - Dreamblade

Funny how things work out. I am straddling a couple of deadlines so for the post today I planned to show off more pieces from my work on Dreamblade. All of these pieces being insect creatures from the expansion 'Chrysotic Plague'. By random fates one of the paintings I did for the upcoming Dungeons and Dragons Monster Manual 2 has been previewed in a Creature Competition and it just happens to be a giant insect, the Ankheg. (Thanks to everyone who voted for it!)

This is by no means all the insects I have designed for Dreamblade, this is not even all the insects I designed for this set. Some of these are still my personal favorites (though I have many). With out further yammering on my part:

'Beetleback Mass'
I am really impressed with how well the sculpture caught all the detail of my drawing. For this set in particular there was a strong urging from my Art Director for 'more detail', it really paid off.

'Tattooed Squashbug'

'Spine Bug'
Make sure he has his naughty bits covered...

'Queen Chrysota'
I didn't know I was designing the sets name sake at the time I was doing these drawings. Not sure if it would have made it easier or harder to design something cool. The drawing on the left was the first pass of the Queen as per the art assignment. I think it even got approved. My Art Director came back to me and told me that there needed to be a redesign on her and they wanted something more feminine and powerful, my first pass on these new ideas is the drawing on the right. ...check out the legs on her!

'Queen Chrysota'
Final Queen after one more round of revisions.

'Chrysota's Chapel'
Every Queen needs a place to rule from. The drawing on the left was a first pass as I was trying to get my head around what they wanted. The mighty cry of 'more detail' was head through out the land. Another cry of 'more detail' was again heard after submitting the drawing on the right.

'Chrysota's Chapel'
The final Chapel after I loaded the detail in.

Here are the final minis for the above designs.

If you made it through all that and are still reading this, here is a link to the WoTC website where they are showing off another of my new pieces from the MM2 (scroll down a little to see it)

For more samples of my work or to contact me regarding my availability head over to my website:

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