Friday, April 17, 2009

Artorder Sketch - D&D of the far future

If you missed it, last weeks sketches are up over at Artorder as well as this weeks assignment. Here is my sketch for this week...

The assignment was to take one of the featured D&D races and cast it into the far future and "Ask yourself a million questions, and figure out where your race ended up. Now, pick one thing about the race and showcase it". Having missed that "one" part again I present some Haiku to explain what I came up with:

Were once flesh and bone
Best Tiefling cybernetics
Kingdom lost again

Forests lost to war
Now only mind and magic
Bitter to the end

Honor bound and proud
Old ways never forgotten
My, how you have grown

Lost the most you have
Feral and wild, tooth and nail
Now nothing but pet

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