Friday, April 3, 2009

Artorder Sketch - Bromide Humanoid Concepts

If you missed it, last weeks sketches are up over at Artorder as well as this weeks assignment. Here is my sketch(s) for this week...

This weeks assignment was to design a humanoid race called the Bromide (Bro • Mide / Brom • ide ?). They are a developed and civilized race that is plant like or derived from plants.

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  1. Hey Christopher nice sketches!
    I'm so upset i didn't finiseh on time my Bromide;(, but i'll not miss the next SketchGround, so
    see you soon!

  2. Hi Chris..

    I REALLY like these sketches.. I'd be sold on these being the basis of a new plant world.. Awesome work!

  3. Thanks! I really wanted to do around 2-3 more... just had too many ideas for these and not enough time. I had some crazy legs I wanted to flesh out, I originally had them on "C" but they just were not working with the over all design. I just need to file them away for later use.