Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Derby Helmet

I was approached by the The Refalyzer , a ref with the Tallahassee Roller Girls, to make his helmet unique. He handed me a white helmet that had a green demon skull face already applied by one of the Roller Girls, Obsidian Whiplash, and asked me to do something cool. With my trusty paint markers in hand I filled in the rest of the helmet. With the blessing of the involved parties I also worked back into the green demon face to make it consistent with what I was doing. The helmet made it's debut this past Saturday at a winning bout for Tallahassee's Capital Punishment over Jacksonville.

The helmet in action at the bout! Look at it go... vrooooom!

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  1. too sick! keep up the awesomeness Chris!

  2. This is seriously the raddest custom job I've ever seen.

  3. I love this helmet! It oozes awesomeness.

  4. Thanks for the kind words Kim!

    I really enjoy your work, thanks for stopping by.