Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Dreamblade - Blight Rat

I am in the middle of a few different projects and don't have anything new I can post today. In light of that I am featuring a look back at one of the pieces I designed for the game Dreamblade as well as a tiny look into my office.

I began working on Dreamblade nearly 4 years ago (how time flies) and worked on it for about a year and a half. Dreamblade was one of the most rewarding projects I have ever worked on. Not only did I have the assignment to create monster after monster, but I found myself working on a project with many of the artist that I look up to. I also worked with two very talented and experienced Art Directors that made sure I never settled and always went to that next level, Stacy Longstreet and Peter Whitely. I consider myself extremely fortunate and honored to have found myself on such a project surrounded by so many skilled and experienced artist. ...and did I mention I had to design monsters?!

First, lets take a look at my shrine to Dreamblade. This is a custom shelf I build to hold one of every produced Dreamblade miniature. It has a mirrored back to add to the 'awesomeness' factor. It was build and hung so that it could still be visible when the door to my office is open and closed.

Now for the Blight Rat. The Bight Rat was the first of my Dreamblade designs to be approved, so it is fitting to have it the first here. The design went through 2 different versions and one revision before reaching the final design. It still is one of my favorite pieces.

The evolution of the Blight Rat

Final 3 view turn around with final miniature

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