Friday, March 20, 2009

Artorder Sketch - Orcus' Pet Concepts

If you missed it, last weeks sketches are up over at Artorder as well as this weeks assignment. Here is my sketch(s) for this week...

The assignment was to concept a pet suitable for the horror that is Orcus. (A) is a tentacled mouthy abomination from some dark corner of the Abyss, loves to play fetch and reminds Orcus of his mother (the mouths). (B) is Orcus' Kill-arium: hapless adventures go into the top; eventually succumbing to hunger, wounds, or thirst; more hapless adventures go into the top and their weight and movement compress those below; repeat; the resulting fluid out the bottom is a tasty treat for Orcus and he has all those lovely moments of suffering and pain to watch.

I have one additional unofficial submission for a pet suitable for Orcus. It is a little cat named Stinky who steals pens and pencils and loves to make eye contact with you as he slides important objects off tables with his little paw. Stinky truly knows the subtlety of evil...

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