Friday, January 26, 2024

Kickstarter Roundup - Stanley

Today on the blog, I wanted to point out a current Kickstarter project that I think you all might be interested in. It features fantastic art by an incredible artist, and if you have not already checked it out, you should do so NOW! 


First up is Melissa Sue Stanley's Make 100 Baba Yaga Huts. Melissa shares:

The stories of Baba Yaga and her home are captivating: the witch, the wise woman, the mother, the terror, the horsekeeper, the traveler in a strange and monstrous hut.
On some days my head is full of her mystery and lore, finding poetry and art in the dark shadows and thorny paths.
Other days, let’s be honest, I’m just thinking: “Man, that house is rad as heck. I wish I had one I could scramble around the forest and drink tea in.”
Whatever your Baba Yaga mood, this project captures the spirit of long wandering rambles through the moss-filled wood.

And for those that may not know, Melissa Sue Stanley is an illustrator and sculptor from northern Illinois. The lush green and blue landscapes of Midwestern summers are the heart of what inspires her work. She creates creatures in watercolor and sculpture as a way to explore these open fields and deep forests, looking for the small moments of magic and mystery hidden in these environments.  You can find out more about her work at

I am extremely excited about this project. I love Melissa's work. There is a playfullness and whimsy that attraches me to her work. You should definitely help out to make this a reality and get yourself some Baba Yaga huts!

That's all for another exciting week on the blog. See you back here next week! Until then...

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