Friday, June 24, 2011

Illustration Master Class 2011 - Day 4

DAY 4! The half way point - to be honest by Day 4 it felt like we had been there for at least two weeks and the end of the IMC was still a far off distant point on the horizon. Each day was so packed with lectures, learning and working that it was almost overwhelming. Most everyone was working on their paintings and so many great pieces were beginning to take shape. By Day 4 I think some folks began to pull all nighters. I was given some advice from veteran IMC attendees when I arrived, "The goal is not to finish a painting. You should pace yourself and go to all the lectures and make sure you get up and go around to the other studios to see what people are doing and be sure to socialize." I tried to keep my nights from going to late, especially since I knew my body would be waking me up nice and early for no good reason. By Day 4 my caffeine and sleep cycle became really important to make sure I made it to the end fully awake and was getting the most out of IMC (especially since I had to drive two days back to Florida after it was all over). Day 4 began with another lecture by James Gurney...

James Gurney taking questions after his lecture on composition. James's books are amazing resources, but to hear him actually talk about these concepts and ideas was too much to ask for. Really informative and incredibly helpful.

I finally had a chance to get James to sign my books. I also had a chance to talk to him about the piece I was working on at the IMC. Apparently he has seen my little blog! :D

Scott Fischer working on an impromptu demo with one of the traditional painters. These are the kind of moments that make you realize you need to make sure you are taking time to visit the other studios so they are not missed.

Rebecca Guay demoing and working on her IMC piece.

RC Torres was working on a most excellent piece and it was a real treat to see it take shape

Drew Baker is up and working on color comps for his painting. See that? Planning ahead before getting started!

Donato Giancola working on his torture of Frodo at Cirith Ungol painting. So amazing to see him working on one of his paintings.

Cynthia Sheppard took a quick pause from working on her painting to let me take a picture. See all that reference? Planning planning planning! Make sure you prepare yourself for the work you are doing.

Boris Vallejo's IMC painting.

Julie Bell's IMC painting. I have always loved Julie's frilly snake dragons. The colors she puts into them are so beautiful.

Arron Miller almost posses for a picture in the first floor painting studio. A frenzy of activity if I ever saw one.

Early in the week, people commented that the digital studio was so much more quiet and subdued compared to the other two studios. By Day 4 the digital studio was rocking and rolling - well, I thought so, at least.

Not sure what Green Man is up to, but he decided to get a little friendly with Marc Scheff.

I will leave you with Iain McCaig doing a very late night water color demo. When Iain did anything there was a huge crowd and this was no different. It was kind of hard to get a look at what he was doing... but that was my own fault for getting there late. I will have a much better vantage point for his next demo.

That is all for today, Day 5 coverage will be up on the blog on Monday! Until then...

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