Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Illustration Master Class 2011 - Day 2

DAY 2! Everyone was still working on their sketch revisions or new sketches at the start of Day 2. One reason being that the traditional painters were not allowed to use any chemicals before the safety meeting scheduled before lunch. Apparently they are very safety and rules oriented in Massachusetts. I got a lot of my sketch revisions done the previous night but there was still lots to draw, not to mention scanning everything into the computer and piecing it all together into a new drawing. I was really going to be putting my little computer through it's paces as I planned to work much bigger then I usually do - needless to say now that it worked like a champ and got the job done! I had a little time to kill in the morning so I thought I would document my steps to the digital studio...

Walking with the cafeteria to my back you can't miss the studio building. There are two entrances in the front of the building, one to the left side and one to the right. We will be taking the right entrance.

Now we are inside. To our right are the doors that lead into the auditorium where all our lectures take place. We will be going to the end of the hall and taking the stairs to the second floor.

Up the stairs! There is noticeable wear on one side of the stairs where the majority of feet have touched the stone over the last hundred years. Once at the top of the stairs we will be making a 180 degree turn.

At the top of the stairs. At the end of the hall, that last door, that is the digital room. In the same location on the other side of the building is the one of the painting studio and below that on the first floor is the other painting studio.

The digital studio. There is a communal printer and scanner on the first table. It may appear small, but we all made it work and I think we all had a great time working together.

SAFETY MEETING! Apparently throwing a dead battery away in the trash is a $7200 fine. If you know that you are not suppose to do it and you do it anyway... the fine goes up... by a LOT. Needless to say the point was made to obey the rules so that there will be more IMCs in the future.

Iain McCaig gets ready for his second lecture. This is the most still I saw him the entire time at IMC.

Iain explains 'crossing the line' as it pertains to story boarding and film. Quick to use props or people... or people as props to explain his ideas, Iain puts on a good lecture. It was just fun to listen to him talk, he could have just been making noises and I think it would have been fun.

HEY HEY! People are getting down to work! You can see by my subtle indication where I was set up to work. Since my image was vertically oriented I turned my Wacom monitor on it's side and rotated my image 90 degrees to get the most out of my scene area. I am happy to say that is worked beautifully. The faculty was assigned to be in different studios as different time of day with the scehdule rotating through out the week. At any time though you could go grab someone that you really needed to talk to... or at least get them to stop by soon. You definitely needed to be assertive sometimes to get the attention of the faculty, there were a lot of students.

I will leave you with Aaron Miller working on some thumbnails and roughs. He worked his butt off and I can't wait to see his finished piece!

That is all for today, Day 3 coverage will be up on the blog tomorrow! Until then...

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  1. So damn jealous of all of you! I think, MAYBE, I might be able to make it to IMC 2012. That is if the world doesn't end first ;)

    Thanks for posting these awesome pictures, man!

  2. If you can make it next year I will see you there, there is no way I can miss it. It was a really crazy awesome time. Hope you can make it!

    Plenty more photos to come! :D