Thursday, June 23, 2011

Illustration Master Class 2011 - Day 3

DAY 3! Things are beginning to really get going. I am now painting on my piece and many of the other students are beginning to paint as well or will be doing so very shortly. Day 3 is guest speaker day which means we get to enjoy lectures by James Gurney, Peter De Seve and Mo Willems. All are amazing speakers and it was great to hear them talk about their work, thoughts on the industry and with the case of James Gurney, to talk about light, color and composition. There was time in the studio sprinkled throughout the day and there was a building excitement as people began to get to work. Many of the faculty began to work on their own pieces as well as bring in sample of their work to inspire and educate. Scott Fischer was set up in the digital studio...

Scott Fischer talked to us about some of his influences and processes when approaching his work. Basically, he told how best to get the ZIM ZAM into all our work! Scott's children book illustration where very impressive in person, they utilized ball point pen for the line work and were GORGEOUS!

Jeff Mack has some of his work up in one of the painting studios. These were really yummy to see in person.

Iain McCaig and Boris Vallejo discuss how best to take over the work with their amazing art skills... or that is at least what I imagined. I am sure it was something less sinister... or was it?!

This is the first floor painting studio all a flurry of activity.

Here is the second floor painting studio, also a flurry of activity.

Mo Willems had some great stories and taught us all how to draw Pigeon... even though we all did not not the noise at first when we drew the legs. The pains of being an embarrassed adult.

James Gurney took some time after his talk to sign books and talk to people. I got into line too late and had to wait to a day to have another chance to talk to him and get my books signed. Well worth the wait!

We all had name tags to put at our work stations and to hang with out work during critiques. I found it also useful in directing people to my website and blog... because that is what I do... when I am awake.

More faculty work on display in the painting studio. You can see some Greg Manchess and some Rebecca Guay and well as several others. All of these pieces looked amazing in person and no photograph can do them justice.

Greg Manchess hard at work. He put so much thought and attention into each brush stroke. He knows what he will do before each stroke hits the board.

When Greg makes a mark, it is the mark he intended and planned. Really amazing to see him work. I could tell you what he was working on... put then I would have to kill you and then the art police would come to silence me.

Today I will leave you with Drew Baker (he is a real Ninja Mountain ninja) working diligently on the computer doing all his prep work for his oil painting.

That is all for today, Day 4 coverage will be up on the blog tomorrow! Until then...

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