Monday, June 20, 2011

Illustration Master Class 2011 - Day 0

The 2011 Illustration Master Class has come and gone, and in doing so it has left a profound mark upon me. I am not going to tell you that you must attend, I will tell you that attending the IMC was one of the most important things I have done for myself as an artist in a very long time. I am already making plans to attend again next year. It could not have come at a better time for me, I have been a little burned out recently. I am excited about illustration and being an artist again and that is a truly great feeling. It was also a great treat to spend a week with so many other artists that are all excited about art and illustration.

In my coverage of the week I will be leaving out a lot of information about the painting I did at the IMC. I will be doing a separate post at the end devoted exclusively to the painting. We have a lot of ground to cover, so lets get this show on the road with Day 0!

Green Man is ready for a new day of driving! Especially with his new buddy the GPS, which saved our skins a couple of time this trip.

That is a really big bridge, must take a picture.

I have not seen the New York skyline in person since 1997. It was neat to see it again... just was not expecting the GPS to take me as close as it did to it. I think I leveled up my driving skills this trip.

The big cities are past and Green Man is once again surrounded by his favorite color. Only an hour of driving left to Amherst!

YAYS! Made it to Amherst and the dorms! Time to unpack the car and start meeting new people!

I got a nice corner room with a great view. But I would not be spending a lot of time there.

Green Man is ready to relax for the evening and catch up with new and old friends. The week begins first thing in the morning.

People slowly arrive through out the evening and there is much fun to be made at the expense of Green Man.

That sums up the last day of travel and the quiet before the storm of awesome that is IMC. I also somehow cut my right index finger this night on my razor as I was unpacking. This did not bode well as a omen, but I now know it all turned out well in the end!

That is all for today, Day 1 coverage will be up on the blog tomorrow! Until then...

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