Friday, June 10, 2011

Green Man goes to the IMC - Travel Day 1

Turns out I am not making the trip to Amherst, Massachusetts by myself. I had a member of the Green Lantern Corps watching over my journey and it turned out to be none other then, Green Man!

Green Man surveys his domain and readies himself for the 14 hour drive ahead of us.

Most of the day can be summed up in one picture, and that picture is…

Yeah… This times 12 hours with two hours of being near cities.

On the border of South and North Carolina I came upon the fabled South of the Border in all it's, uh… magnificence. I had never stopped, but my bladder urged me to finally investigate all the mysteries and wonders that SotB had to offer.

Godzilla should really knock this over and leave Tokyo Tower alone.

The guardian of the public bathrooms demands tribute and Cultural Sensitivity training.

In case you had no idea where you had stopped there were just a few subtle signs.

Once I hit Virginia it was time for another stop. The large tourist attraction object was a life-size fiberglass bear that showed a lot of wear and was not very photogenic. Green Man stepped in to help…

Out of the sunset in blurred majesty it is GREEN MAN!

Pump that gas faster we are loosing day light!

I would like the think the GPS device for getting me through our Nations Capital and to a hotel… in the rain. All in all (save for some missed turns and rerouting in DC) it was a straight forward easy drive thus far. Could not ask for better. I have completed the majority of the drive, which will hopefully allow me to hit the my target arrival window in Amherst. Next stop, IMC!

That is all for another exciting week on the blog. I will be attending the Illustration Master Class all next week and will not be posting as normal. Look for a full recap when I return home. Until then...

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  1. Glad to hear you've had safe travels thus far, probably thanks to Green Man. I look forward to your posts once you're back. I'm sure there will be many interesting tales of your time amongst the other amazing illustrators at IMC.

  2. So how would you rate the public bathroom at South of the Border? It looks like it would be pretty shady.