Wednesday, March 9, 2011

creatura libri sketchbook now available on Lulu

If you missed the limited first run of my sketchbook, then you are in luck. I am pleased to announce that a general release version of my first sketch book, creatura libri, is now available for sale over at! Head on over there right now to get all your exciting sketchbook action. Featuring 32 pages packed with over 50 of my monster sketches and drawings all in print for the first time! Lots of never released gems as well as my top favorites, all in this one handy book.

creatura libri sketchbook - for your hands to touch and your eyes to see!

RAWR! MONSTERS of every page!
creatura libri is the sketchbook for the definitive monster lover!

From shaggy bear crabs to tentacled mouthers this is the sketchbook for you!
Ask for it by name at, creatura libri!

Don't walk, RUN on over to and order yourself a copy of creatura libri! Don't forget, while there, check out my other book available, Pandas 1-36 - a collection of adorable and feisty panda drawings that I did for my wife. All proceeds from Pandas 1-36 got to charities that help real life pandas!

That is all for an exciting booked filed Wednesday! See you back here on Friday! Until then...

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