Monday, March 28, 2011

All the evil reptiles love a Daily Deviation!

I got up this morning to find a rather large number of messages on my DeviantArt account and that can only mean one thing, Daily Deviation! The lucky winner of my second Daily Deviation turned out to be a motley crew of evil reptile, the Warriors of the Poison Dusk. You can check out the Warriors of the Poison Dusk's DA page HERE. A big THANK YOU goes out to DA user sweetychan for suggesting the piece to be a DA!

Warriors of the Poison Dusk
© 2010 Wizards of the Coast

If you are interested in the steps that went into this piece you can check out the process post on my blog. Again, a big thanks to all involved that gave this piece a DD and to all the folks that are now following me and have left comments over on Deviant Art! ...oh, and a big thanks to Jon Schindehette for giving me the assignment in the first place!

Unless something changes, I will be back on Wednesday with a piece of work I did for a comic book... er, I mean GRAPHIC NOVEL! Until then...

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