Friday, March 25, 2011

Darkheart Cottage - Dreamblade

There is much to get done today, not the least of which is a visit to the accountant to see about this year's taxes... FUN TIMES! All this aside, I have for you a quick blast from the past today on the blog.

Late into production of the first set of Dreamblade miniatures the concept of locations were introduced to the game. At the time I was unaware of this new play aspect and was a little confused with the sudden arrival of new assignments featuring minis that were a bit different from the rest. I was assigned three of the first locations and far and away my favorite was the Darkheart Cottage...

Darkheart Cottage
© 2005 Wizards of the Coast LLC

The concept was simple and fun, a giant had been hollowed out and turned into a Hobbit style cottage which was now overgrown with nature. Sign me up! I remember working on this in waiting rooms. The cat and I were both sick during the time I worked on this piece. Some of it was drawn waiting for my doctor and some of it was drawn waiting to see the vet.

The one memory of this piece that I am a little fuzzy on is that there was talk of a chimney being placed the butt region of the cottage. Either I mentioned it to the wife and she suggested I don't or it was her idea and I got cold feet about including it. The more I think about it I might go with the later. It would be something I would totally do now, but six years ago working for WoTC for the first time I might have felt differently. Got to hold onto that butt chimney idea for another mini.

Even though the proportions changed somewhat strangely when it was sculpted the mini turned out great and since it was a 'rare' it had a really detailed paint scheme. It is definitely an attractive mini and remains one of my wife's favorite from the entire games. For me, it is one of those designs that still holds up for me, which is a rarity due to my ever harsh internal critic.

That is all for another exciting week on the blog. I am desperately trying to get new work freed up from NDAs so that I can share it here on the blog. I have SO MUCH just waiting for those pesky NDA's to lift, hopefully soon! Until then...

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