Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Very Near Mint volume one

Recently, I had the privilege to contribute to Justin Peterson's first graphic novel, Very Near Mint volume one. I have known Justin and his most excellent work for a while now and it was a real treat to be included on this project. He has been laboring away day and night on his graphic novel, and now through hard work and perseverance he has made it a reality! I made for him a pin-up that featured his main characters reenacting the cover of Fantastic Four #1...

The Fantastic 2?
Art by Christopher Burdett
Characters © 2011 Justin Peterson

I can't speak highly enough of Justin and his work. If you like books full of great looking comic art and a great story I can't recommend Very Near Mint volume one enough. Justin has been doing the convention circuit lately getting the word out, but I managed to use my connections to get my copy so that I can share my contribution. Here is a look at the cover...

Very Near Mint volume one by Justin Peterson

If you blow past all the amazing work that Justin put into VNM you will find a pin-up section in the back of the book. Since my last name begins with a 'B' I got to go first! I am really happy with how it reproduced. I hope Justin thinks of me when volume two is in production!

Very Near Mint volume one Pin-ups! Four in total, gotta catch them all!
(mine is the one on the left)

One more time, just in case you missed it before, if you are interesting in more information or in purchasing a copy, there is a handy dandy website devoted to Very Near Mint volume one!

That is all for today, I will see you back here on Friday! Until then...

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