Monday, June 28, 2010

Talisman: Highland (part 1)

Way back in September of last year I began working on the Highland expansion of Talisman from Fantasy Flight Games. It was great to get back into the Talisman universe. It is my pleasure to finally be able to share the work I did on the set with you. I produced 10 pieces for the set with 9 of them making it into production.

Rock Mauler
© 2010 Fantasy Flight Games

© 2010 Fantasy Flight Games

I worked on Highland in waves. When I first began working on the set I could only take on two cards and these where the two I was assigned. I got them done much quicker then I expected and to my pleasure more were available. As I mentioned above it quickly increased to 10 cards total. These were some of my favorites to work on, because after all... they are MONSTERS!

I will be back here on Wednesday with two more cards from the set! Until then...

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  1. Yay monsters! Monsters are cool! These are great Chris. Looking forward to seeing all the others!

  2. Thanks! Hopefully the rest will be as enjoyable. Monsters are by far the best, so when they are not monsters... they somehow just can't live up to my high expectations! :P