Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My first Daily Deviation! WOOT!

I got up this morning to find a happy surprise, over 600 (and growing) messages on my DeviantArt account and that can only mean one thing, Daily Deviation! And it is my first one to boot! The lucky winner of this attention turns out to be a recent crowd favorite of mine, the Anglerphant. For a piece I almost didn't finish it has sure received a lot of attention! You can check out the Anglerphant's DA page HERE. A big THANK YOU goes out to DA user krissi001 for suggesting the piece to be a DA!

© 2010 Christopher Burdett

I had secretly (and not so secretly) hoped that I might get a Daily Deviation some day. I should be careful what I wish for... now I have loads of messages and watchers to take care of! Though I think it will be worth it in the end.

See you back here tomorrow for some new work! Until then...

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  1. That's awesome, man! Congrats on the sweet exposure ;)

  2. Well deserved! It's a good one for sure.

  3. Thanks guys! :) Would never have guessed it would be this one, but that is always the way with these things. An honor none the less :)

  4. See what happens when you take a day off? :)