Friday, April 16, 2010

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Being a DM

Okay, this might be just a bit off topic, but I love me some Dungeons and Dragons, and more specifically, I love being a 4th Edition Dungeon Master. I know you are thinking what the heck does this have to do with my art blog... and you know what, I am not too sure at the moment myself, I just wanted to share some photos from a recent session.

I will say that I have played Dungeons and Dragons since 2nd edition and I owned the Monster Manual since 1st Edition. Hence that life long dream of being in a Monster Manual. I tried my hand at being a DM in 2nd Edition and it went so horribly that I swore never to do it again. I enjoyed playing 3rd Edition about 1000 times more then 2nd Edition. Then 4th Edition came along and I actually found myself working on it. Needless to say when it finally launched I wanted to play it and see how it compared. I was able to pull together a group that was a mix of veterans and first time players. The only problem was that we didn't have a DM. I wanted to play so badly that I bit the bullet and decided I would Dungeon Master the first campaign. I was hooked almost immediately. I am not hear to sell you anything, if you like 1st Edition, by all means, keep plaing 1st Edition. I just want to say how amazingly streamlined and easy it is now to be a DM in 4th Edition. I have so much fun, and I think my players do to, I just wanted to share some fun that happens on the gaming table with you all, so without further delay on my part, here are some of those previously promised photos...

The players have battled their way into the tower of Paggle the Lesser, a magical benefactor of a nearby city who was indicated in a kidnapping plot. It turns out the players arrived too late and the assault on Paggle has begun. But Paggle is not going down without a fight and battles his attackers somewhere in the tower.

The players head to the basement laboratory were they find a group of kidnappers looting some of Paggle's finely crafted products (which eventually found their way into the finely crafted pockets of the players).

There was an heroic battle down and up the stairs that lead to the basement. Much blood was split upon the stair that day!

To help understand what is going on here: The orange dice represents the Vexing Cloud cast by the Goblin Hexer in the room. The red ring on the prone Hobgoblin Soldier means he is bloodied. The two statues at the base of the stairs are the stone remains of two freshly slain Baaz Draconians. The Human Cleric, Elf Ranger, Halfling Bard, Human Warlord and Tiefling Fighter and giving it their all!

With the basement clear the players take the sealed winding staircase to the last floor before the roof. It appears to be a large room full of shiny shiny armor and weapons on display. A dazzling showcase of Paggle's work... oh yeah.. and there are traps... OUCH. This is where thing drew to a close, the Tiefling in desperation ran up a set of stairs that lead to the roof only to find Paggle's kidnappers but moments away from leaving with their prize. A beaten and unconscious Paggle!

Oh, the orange ring on the Warlord? Yeah, he is bloodied... and has no more healing surges left.

This is how I like my players, HAPPY! Happy like they are selling video games in 1980's comic book advertisements. You can clearly see the bandage on my right had where I pealed my knuckles just hours earlier as I left the house carrying way too many bags and boxes to help with the night's gaming experience.

I think that will do it for today! This has been enough of a distraction for now. I will be back next week with some art. Until then...

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  1. SO does this mean you will run a game at comic-con this year? I am a 3rd edition snob, but I would be willing to give 4th a try with a good DM. ;)

  2. I would definitely consider it if I was making it to Comic Con this year. I will be attending Gen Con and Illuxcon for my big outings this con season. I wonder if there will be time for D&D at Illuxcon... :)

    Now that I only play 4th, I look back at 3rd and it is all like some foreign language that I once knew. Some strange and confusingly complex language.

  3. Haha! Great post, man. I haven't played in years.. and even then, it was short lived, it was something the rest of my friends grew out of rather fast, but I'd always give it another go.

  4. This makes my hands all itchy to throw dice again...sigh. Stars and stones, I'd definitely be up for some Roll- and Role-playing fun...

    ...damn you Christopher Burdett reigniting the passion!

  5. So this would now be the time I mention I am secretly on the payroll of the subversive marking division of Wizards of the Coast... :)

    But since I am not... I will not mention such things at this time...