Monday, April 5, 2010

Art Show recap and round up

The big show opening was this past Friday evening. A big thanks to all that came out and showed their support both in person as well as on the internet. There was a great turn out and I could not have hoped for more! I even had a chance to finally meet fellow local fantasy artist Melissa Findley! I can now confirm she is an actual human and not a manifestation of the internet. Also, a huge thanks to my friends Jenn and Allen for making the trek up from St. Pete, you guys are awesome, it was great to see you both.

The night is still kind of a blur of crowds, music, parades, martial arts, fun and baked goods. Here are some photos from Friday. I should be putting up more over on my Facebook account soon. *UPDATE* If you have a Facebook account my additional photos to the opening can be seen HERE!

You need to have a good sign to direct traffic. Apparently my exclamation points were not prominent enough and folks kept looking for "Food Art".

I think people kept wondering why I had multiple drawings of the same thing in one frame...

The color side of the room...

The back and white side of the room...

Even Minotaur Lords need a good home to hang in.

It is hard to tell from this bad photo in a bad lighting, but I am super happy with how the Scuttling Grizzly prints.

RAWR! I fill the frame nicely!!!

The real reasons so many people showed up! OM NOM NOM NOM NOM! This case was very sparse come the end of the evening.

A shot of the crowds when they were at their lowest. I was outside most of the evening since it was so crowded inside.

Bacon & Bakin' certainly had a great night and I was happy to be a part of their grand opening at their new location. A big thanks to Mandy and Jackson for making me a part of it! Good luck at the new location!

I will see you all back here on Wednesday with hopefully something new. Until then...

For more samples of my work or to contact me regarding my availability head over to my website:


  1. Great pictures, Chris! Would you mind posting these of Facebook? I'd love to have them in our internetty portfolio.


  2. Your monster art is pretty awesome, I wish I lived somewhere that had cookies and monster art shows. I guess I can read your blog while eating cookies or something.

  3. sweeeet!
    mmm cookies and artshow
    looks great framed!