Friday, April 30, 2010

Compass Rose (a GMG Preview)

I was scratching my head this morning trying to figure out which of my items I was going to post here today only to be shown a clear path again by the Paizo blog...

Over on the Paizo blog today they are featuring another preview for the upcoming GameMastery Guide. It just so happens that I have been lucky enough to have a piece I did for the book featured! They are kicking off the last month (or so) push before the book launches and decided my compass rose was a fitting way to do so...

Compass Rose
© 2010 Paizo Publishing, LLC

This marks the third preview of mine from the GMG, if you missed them, make sure you check out Ymeri, Queen of the Inferno and mimic. I can't wait till this book comes out, it is going to be awesome! I am sharing the pages with a lot of really talented artists!

That's all for another week (and another month! Yikes, how time flies!). I will be back with plenty more next week, but there is a chance I will be missing Monday's post - or at least it will be very late. Until then...

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