Friday, December 30, 2022

Art Vs Artist and Top Nine 2022

One final blog post for 2022. This marks post 105 for 2022 as well. This is not the lowest number of posts for a year, but it is certainly not the highest. I will speak more about 2022 in the coming weeks, but I will say it has been another challenging year to make art - for innumerable reasons. But as I have said, that is for a convertions another day. For now, I will leave you with the 2022 year-end art vs. artist and the top nine images from this past year on Instagram. There is some crossover, but not much. 

Art vs. Artist 2022

Instagram Top Nine 2022

That's all for another year on the blog. I will try to have my year-in-review post up before the end of January, but that might be a hard goal to reach. I will see you back here in 2023! Until then...

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