Friday, October 30, 2020

Mietze's Forever Home Two Year Anniversary 

We interrupt today's' art post with pictures of a cat. Not just any cat, but my cat, Mietze (rhymes with pizza - 'meetzah'). Two years ago today, I found him in the tall grass at the park crying all alone. I kneeled to investigate and to see if he was, in fact, alone. He hissed at me and jumped back. As I combed through the grass, the tiny kitten walked over to me, leaned against my leg, crouched down, and began to purr. I knew then I had a new cat. Mietze was barely four weeks old but was on semisolid food and could go to the bathroom by himself - two critical things. He came with me to the office for several weeks until we were confident that he could be trusted being alone during the day.

A year ago today, I began to take him outside on a leash and harness for walks. He has some wild cat in him and needs the stimulus of adventuring outdoors to tame his aggression. We walk in the mornings and afternoons, and he took to it immediately. He waits at the door after I call him for his walk. I put his 'jacket' on, and we go out in the yard to explore and hunt. He loves to climb and will sit on my shoulder to get a better view, especially of the neighbor's yard. He has been entirely my cat since the moment I found him.  

Here are some of my favorite photos of Miezte from the past two years.

Mietze on the way to the vet after leaving the park.
 October 30, 2018

Mietze is helping me work.
October 30, 2020

That's all for another exciting week on the blog. See you back here on Monday! Until then...

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  1. So is the harness for walking or for staying on your shoulder?

    1. For walking. It is a twenty foot leash to give him plenty of room to feel autonomous. He just likes to be on my shoulder as much as possible.