Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Gen Con 2016 Recap - Day 3

My recap of Gen Con 2016 continues with some of the happenings in the Artist Alley during Day 3. If you missed it, you can check out Day 0, Day 1, and Day 2.

Saturday was a blur. Each day was busy in its own right, but Saturday always seems to be the BIG day. In the past two years I am also usually exhausted by Saturday, which isn't too good since it is the biggest day AND there is still Sunday and tear down. I commented to people that I woke up Saturday feeling like it was Sunday. By the time Saturday night rolled around and everyone was up for tons of fun, I dragged myself back to the hotel, reluctantly, for as much sleep as I could get. Gen Con takes its toll!

Here are some images that more or less make up my experiences of Day 3 of Gen Con 2016...

No matter when I walked past this hall, day or night, it looked just like this. A sea of people playing games and having fun. Makes me think I am missing out at Gen Con

The balloons are all done and there is a dragon and a throne of swords... and some kid.

Something new got announced at Gen Con for Imperial Assault... and I have work in it... that was also announced. More on this soon!

That beholder on plastic from yesterday is way at the bottom of a very large piece being auctioned off.

Snowman sketch card... and tentacles.

Thanks to my dear wife, this happen! RAWR!
That's Larry Elmore, by the way.
If you don't know who he is, you need to go look him you right now.

MORE Pokemon drawing... MAGIKARP!

MORE Magic cards to sign.

Jolteon joins the herd of Pokemon drawings.

Beholder on a playmat.

A neat orange and white grid playmat... that now has a weird little frog man on it.

Signed a *COUPLE* more Star Wars cards. One would think I have done some work on the Star Wars card game.

Ackbar is going to a new home!
Thanks, Jonathan! RAWR!

The widdlest Charmander of them all.

Everybody loves themselves some Zubats and Golbats... or not.

Another favorite from Gen Con, CHARIZARD! RAWR!

OH! New Star Wars card art released at Gen Con. More on this soon!

I choose you, other Pikachu!

Time to look over the wall again...

...Steve is right where I left him...

...looks like Jacob Walker is succumbing to the Gen Con madness...

...and Ralph does not seem too bad.

Rocketeer conga line!

There was a funny selfie backdrop set up at our hotel. There were even handheld props you could use in your photos. I just like the Pokemon fabric.

That is all for anther exciting Monday on the blog, see you back here tomorrow! Until then...

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