Monday, August 15, 2016

Gen Con 2016 Recap - Day 1

My recap of Gen Con 2016 continues with some of the happenings in the Artist Alley during Day 1. I shared some thoughts about my overall experience at Gen Con 2016 on Friday, if you missed it.

With most of the recent Gen Cons that I have attended I see less and less of Gen Con and more and more of the Art Show. While I am focused on being at my table and interacting with the public, I do try to make some sort of attempt to see the show. Not so much this year. When I was not talking to folks about my art I was signing cards and drawing for people. To be frank, in years past I have had some really log stretches of idle time at Gen Con, but this was not the case this year. It felt like I was always doing something and when I had a pause in my day it was a welcome respite and not an anxious gap in interested people at my table. If I was not drawing Pokemon the entire weekend my persecution of things might be a little different, but thankfully I thought up my Pokemon experiment and it paid off. All four days of Gen Con flew by. When the convention opened on Thursday morning I thought to myself, "Here goes four great long days of Gen Con", I blinked my eyes and it was Sunday night. While I didn't miss the anxious slow gaps in people, it would have been nice to see a *little* of the show. At least there are the evenings to catch up with friends!

Here are some images that more or less make up my experiences of Day 1 of Gen Con 2016...

The booth is all set and it is time to start Gen Con!

Standing at my table, I look to the right to see Ralph Horsley.

Over the wall, there is some more folks I know. Hi Scott Murphy, hi Owen Weber!

Directly behind me you will find Tyler Walpole, Chris Seaman, and a threatening Steve Prescott.

Got to see my Chaac painting in print for the first time!

I drew a beholder in a sketchbook.

Signed some older L5R cards.

The Pokemon floodgates opened... starting things off, an Eevee...

...a Ponyta...

...and the first Tyranitar.

Signed a few Magic cards.

Drew another Beholder, this time it is on a sketch card and in color.

Scribbled in a creatura libri 6, actually, I scribbled in a couple, but I FORGOT to take pictures of them all...

Magikarp on the back of an Ancient Carp.

Togepi showed up at Gen Con.

Another sketch card, this time a dragon... RAWR!

Jeff Miracola brought a painting to work on during the show.

I present to you, a liquidized Giggly Puff...

That is all for anther exciting Monday on the blog, see you back here tomorrow! Until then...

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