Friday, August 12, 2016

Gen Con 2016 Recap - Day 0

What better time to recap my adventures at an event then over a week after it began and after everyone else has already posted about it. Gone are the days when I had the time or energy to do my recap posts the day after. This year's Gen Con took a lot out of me and we took our time getting home. This longer then normal return plus a VERY full schedule upon my return has resulted in delays everywhere, including here on the blog. I think we can live with this in the long run...

Gen Con 2016 was easily one of my best Gen Cons to date. Sales were great, met lots of great people, and drew a lot of Pokemon. This was the first year that we could take in our own money and it really did make a huge difference. Gone are the days of handing purchase slips over to an interested customer and hoping they return after braving the 2 hour wait in the line for the Art Show registers. Impulse purchases are alive and well in the Gen Con Art Show. I know I would not have sold nearly as much this year if the cashier lines were still in place. Granted, I have to deal with collecting sales tax now and making sure Indiana gets their cut, but it should be a small price to pay see an overall increase in sales.

Got to meet a lot of people at the con this year, some new, some old, and some that I have only known virtually. There is never enough time at Gen Con to see everyone, but we all make the best of it. Even if Gen Con was twice as long their just would not be enough time. When so many great people all end up in the same place at the same time it can be a bit of an overload. There should always be next year and in some cases, there will be Illuxcon.

Here are some images that more or less make up my experiences of Day 0 of Gen Con 2016...

No matter what, it all goes into the car much better at the beginning of the trip then at the end, even though we are bringing less back with up.

Once again, that rocket I pass every year in Alabama.

An unexpected gift in Tennessee. THANKS, SAM!

AND that dinosaur I pass every year. RAWR!

This year we were in the Westin and I love how close we were to the Indianapolis Convention Center. I could keep an eye on Gen Con even when I was a the hotel. I will be making a point to stay at the Westin in coming years, it was so nice to not have to lug all our gear so far.

Oh look.... something I did in 2009 has FINALLY been released!
More on this soon! RAWR!

It was a blur of activity as I set up my table for Gen Con. I forgot to take any pictures during the process, but I took lots of pictures when I finished getting everything ready. Not a bad looking table this year! From the moment I started unloading the car until I got back to the hotel room and was done it took me about 5 hours. I actually kept track this year. I was able to unload the car in only two trips, which is a record for me. All that is left is for Gen Con to start...

That is all for another exciting week on the blog, see you back here on Monday! Until then...

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