Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Gen Con 2016 Recap - Day 2

My recap of Gen Con 2016 continues with some of the happenings in the Artist Alley during Day 2. If you missed it, you can check out Day 0 and Day 1.

Day 2... day 2... hmmm.... yeah, I drew a lot of Pokemon on Day 2. That is about all I remember from that. Evey year I try to make sure I take pictures of everything I draw. It is nice to have a record of the work and to share on social media. Once again I forgot to take pictures of everything. There were several Pokemon, a Jabba the Hutt in a sketchbook, and things I am already forgetting that I never got pictures of. Of well... these things happen. There are out there somewhere in the world running free with documentation. At least most get photographed and then I share the best... or maybe I share them all... only I know for sure.

Here are some images that more or less make up my experiences of Day 2 of Gen Con 2016...

A view from the sky walk from the Westin to the convention center.

The giant balloon sculpture is taking shape. Looking very dragony this year.

Looks like everything is where I left it in Artist Alley.

I choose you Pikachu!
Pokemon assistant at the Artist Alley help desk.

Beholder sketch on a big sheet of plastic. More on this tomorrow.

We got our grubby mitts on one of Steve Prescott's new book of monsters!

Another Charmander has appeared.

Day 2 is in full effect. Looking over the wall to see what is going on...

...and back to the front. These images NEVER give you the full Gen Con experience. SO many people.

Dragon on a sketch card.

Got to see in person the final production card of my Bossk piece.

Pokemon on a playmat.

Jugglypuff got away without a picture being taken, but the new owner thankfully sent us back an image.

Umbreon had a companion piece... but that one did not get photographed.

Pokemon on a Magic card artist proof.

Some more Star Wars cards needed signing.

My SECOND Tyranitar of the con.

One of my favorite Pokemon drawings of the convention, Slowbro.

A view of the sky walk at night. Still full of people coming and going.

That is all for anther exciting Tuesday on the blog, see you back here tomorrow! Until then...

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