Monday, September 14, 2015

Space Coast Comic Con - There are back again

I am back from an amazing weekend at Space Coast Comic Con! This post is going out a little late today, but it was a late drive back after the convention came to an end.

First, I want to thank David Grace for inviting me out as a guest of SCCC 2015... many many thanks! We had a great time! Second, thank you to everyone who came by the booth over the weekend, shared their stories, took home monsters, and in general, made for a very special weekend. This was SCCC's first year and in my opinion, it is off to a great start. I generally attend very large events (Gen Con) and it was really fun to be at a more intimate venue where you got to meet a majority of the attendees and vendors. At other conventions I am usually surrounded by my peers and fellow working game artists where the those attending have a general understanding of what we do. At SCCC I was the only artist who worked on games, and that was a new experience for me. I got a chance to tell people about my work and answer a lot of questions about what my life as a working artist is like.

I had my panel about working in the entertainment industry on Sunday afternoon and that was a lot of fun! Thanks to all that came out and asked questions. I hope it was interesting and fun ...and that I did not ramble on too much. Here are some images from the weekend of Space Coast Comic Con 2015...

This looks like the right place!
We arrived on Friday afternoon for set up.

I think I was a little early, but I was ready to get it all set up and together.
Here is the view from my corner of the main hall.

Here is the full view of the main hall from my corner.
Really liked my spot, there was no one to my right so I could spread my elbows a bit and create a slightly larger footprint for my booth.

Speaking of my booth, here it is! I recently acquired my own Pro Panels and this is the first event I have used them at. They worked great and made for a really nice display (IMHO).

Here is the main stage in the second hall.

Oh, and Batman left his Tumbler here for the weekend.

All set up! Other folks are beginning to arrive and things are taking shape.
Tomorrow... the con begins!

Space Coast Comic Con 2015 has begun! Really nice turn out in my opinion. More and more people showed up as the day went on and the hall got nice and crowded.

My one sketch commission of the weekend. They had a drawing pad full of stick figure drawings from artists and various other celebrities. Really impressive collection. I added a tentacled fellow.

The droids I WAS looking for were in attendance.

We got to meet the very cool Rick Stafford who dose among other things a very awesome Aquaman cosplay. If you meet him at a con be sure to say hello!

The Empire...

...and the Rebels...

...and the Empire where in attendance.

Look, sir, DROIDS!

 Sunday was hopping too at SCCC!

More Rick Stafford action at the booth!

Bounty Hunters, we don't need their kind of scum...

I think that is the new Doctor...

And lastly, a shot from the podium at the end of my panel.
Thanks again to all that showed up! RAWR!

All images © 2015 Christopher Burdett

That is all for another exciting Monday on the blog, see you back here on Wednesday! Until then...

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  1. It was great meeting you and your wife on Sunday. I was disappointed that I missed your talk. I guess I should have read the schedule I was given. My Giant Spined Chaos Beast is happy in his new home, taking up not quite as much space as I feared. There is still room for me in my living room after all. I'll keep checking your gallery to see if a gargoyle happens to pop up too.

    1. Thank you! Glad the monster is getting a good home! :)