Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Paizo Redcap Miniature

I am traveling to Altoona, Pa. today for Illuxcon V, but that is no reason not to make sure there is a post on the blog. Thanks to the airport having WiFi I have a small post...

A few months ago I saw a preview for some of the Paizo miniatures slated for release. One in particular caught my eye and looked a little familiar. If I am not completely mistaken the Redcap mini has been based on an illustration that I did a couple years back of a Redcap named Dog's Tongue. I will let you be the final judge, here is some images of the miniature...  

 Redcap miniature from the Paizo blog
© 2012 Paizo Publishing

 Redcap miniature on display at Gen Con
© 2012 Paizo Publishing

Here is what is now a very old illustration that I did of the redcap. Looks like it was the inspiration of the miniature to me and that makes me happy. I have always loved miniatures and any time I can be involved in them - even unknowingly - I am thrilled. 

 Dog's Tongue
© 2010 Paizo Publishing

That is all for today, I have a very long day of flight ahead of me and 3 more airports before I get to Altoona. I will start my coverage of Illuxcon V starting tomorrow with a recap of the journey and anything interesting that may happen. See you in Altoona! Until then...

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  1. Are these available for sale anywhere?

    1. They were released in 2012 in stores. I am sure they can be found on ebay now or elsewhere on the secondary market.