Friday, November 9, 2012

Illuxcon 2012 - Day 1

Day 1 of Illuxcon has come and gone and I am already exhausted... in a the best way possible. I did my best to rest up in the morning since the exhibit hall didn't open till noon. This was mildly accomplished. After a late breakfast / early lunch with Chris Rahn and Ralph Horsley we arrived at the exhibit hall and some folks we already hard at work making the magic that is Illuxcon happen.

This being my fourth Illuxcon I knew what to expect, through out the day a slow but steady tide of artist arrive through out the day and begin pulling gorgeous art from boxes, bins and suitcases. It should be said, even though this is my fourth year it has not lost any of the magic, wonder, and awe inspiring awesomeness. The aftermath of the storms in the north east played a roll in delaying some of the artists, but no one in the main show had to cancel. I heard that this was not the case for the Showcase event on Friday evening. I have gotten differing accounts, but it really felt like there was significantly MORE artist setting up in the main show. The isles have been shifted around a bit and it really seemed like there was just more of everything, and I am not complaining. There are many familiar faces this year and many more new faces.

The day moved one and things really began to come together, though there were a lot of empty stalls up to and after the show was officially opened to the public. I am not sure I remember a Thursday evening being so packed with people. Could be wrong, but it really felt like a record turnout and there were SO MANY students and young artists. I felt a little old looking around at tall the young faces, but I was not the only one feeling that way. Some folks 10 years my junior were also saying they felt old looking around... When 9 o'clock hit everyone but the main show artists were asked to leave to allow the artist some time together. We all broke into our small groups and went out into the cold to find a much needed late dinner. Everyone eventually regrouped in mass at the bar at the Ramada and there was much fun to be had catching up with everyone. I did my best to get some sleep but since I am rooming with Sam Flegal we were up way to late catching up and talking shop and it was time worth spent, we can sleep later, Illuxcon only happens once a year!

Here are images from the day...

 Early in the day, much more to happen!

 Another view of show floor long before most of the art goes up.

 Tom Kuebler has so much amazing work this year, this is just one of them.

 Chris Rahn brought his beauties.

 Ralph Horsley is getting everything set up. Ralph always brings so much amazing art.

 Things are really coming together!

 Slowly but surely the show is taking shape.

 Thanks to the new panorama mode on the iPhone it has really made capturing the look and feel of Illuxcon so much easier! 

 Chris Seaman is setting everything up. He brought a lot of his new amazing personal pieces!

 A look at the upper level. Tom Kuebler is directly behind me.

 The show is really taking shape, almost time!

 Just moment away before the show officially opens!

 The art party continues over into into the bar, fun times!

That is all for Day 1, Day 2 is gearing up and it will end in the Showcase event tonight, see you back here tomorrow! Until then...

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  1. Thanks for giving a day by day account for the people who couldn't be there. I want to go so badly! One day I'll be able to go :) Are you going to IMC this year?

    1. You are very welcome! I want to make sure everyone knows what a special and unique event Illuxcon is. Next year is going to be bigger and better with the move to Allentown and with the date moved up to September. If you can go next year it is sure to offer a lot of new experiences and surprises. Currently all signs point to yes for me attending IMC in 2013. Hoping it will go a little better then 2012! :)