Thursday, June 28, 2012

Illustration Master Class 2012 - Day 8 The Voyage Home

All packed up and not so ready to drive for two days. It is hard to imagine an entire week has passed by. I know last year it felt like time was stretched out into this crazy infinitely long week while this week seems to have slipped through my fingers while I wasn't looking. No need to continue to dwell on on the reason why, it has come and gone. Instead I would like to remember the amazing times I had last year and that those experiences were shared by so many people this year.

As far as the drive home, I made really good time and the states flew by and New York mostly behaved itself. I ended up driving from Massachusetts to South Carolina on the first day and got all the hard driving out of the way. The second day was really short and I was home by early afternoon. Of course once home I collapsed and was back in bed for several days, but I was finally home. I have some images from the first day of driving...

Laundry Shoggoth has a huge pile of madness it would like to share with you.

The giant bronze statue is just where I left it last year. I really like that green patina.

Crazy stuff to see and take photos of as I cleared New York. The orcs of Mordor and building a new bridge into Osgiliath.

Traffic didn't come to a complete stop till about a mile from the ramp to get onto the George Washington bridge. It got moving and crawled along at a pace that didn't make me go too crazy. As we crawled along I was able to get some neat photos. Before I knew it New York and eventually New Jersey were behind me.

Stopped for lunch in Maryland and was rewarded with a most excellent penny smasher machine option. The other options in this machine were pretty mundane but this one really caught me eye. So cool! To bad there was not a John Waters one as well...

I found myself at South of the Border for the first time at night and the entire place look on a more more interesting look and feel. The giant sign that I somehow overlooked all these time was all aglow and looking festive.

 Maybe it is a little more cool and a little less tacky and offensive... or maybe not...

 Pedro is going to haunt me dreams...

Farewell Pedro, may we not cross paths again any time soon... you creepy creepy giant mass of fiberglass. 

And so completes my adventure to the 2012 Illustration Master Class, not the adventure I was expecting but an adventure all the same. I will be back tomorrow with the final post regarding IMC 2012. I will have for you a look at the piece I was going to work on and where I was able to take it to in the short time I had to work. I also will have some images to show just how amazingly awesome everyone at IMC really is.

That is all for today, see you back here tomorrow. Until then...

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