Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Star Wars - Edge of the Empire

An exciting week on the blog! Yesterday saw my first Magic the Gathering card and today I have for you my contribution to my first Star Wars RPG, Edge of the Empire! My contributor copy of the book finally arrived yesterday so I am in the clear to share these with you... though they may look familiar since I snapped some pictures of the book they are in while at Gen Con. These of course are much better images of my work and you can see what they originally looked like. Without further delay, here are some Star Wars lizard monsters...

© 2013 Lucasfilm, Ltd. TM Lucasfilm, Ltd. Under license to Fantasy Flight Games
Barabel Enforce
© 2013 Lucasfilm, Ltd. TM Lucasfilm, Ltd. Under license to Fantasy Flight Games

No matter the universe, time period, or technology level... I love working on lizard monsters... RAWR! These were really fun to work on and I have a lot of really fun and really silly photo reference that I took for these. Maybe I will share some of that reference when I post the process for these in the coming weeks. If those Trandoshans in front of the AT-PT look familiar, that is because they went with me to Gen Con...

Trandoshan Hunting Party
9 x 12
colored pencil on toned paper
Original "AT-PT" sketch © 2013 Fantasy Flight Games

Special thanks goes again to Zoe Robinson for this assignment and getting me the pieces that I would most enjoy and get the most out of. I look forward to sharing with you more of the work Zoe has been giving me! But that will have to wait for another day...

That is all for another exciting Wednesday on the blog, see you back here on Friday! Until then...

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