Monday, September 23, 2013

Theros Prerelease

I was invited to attend the Theros prerelease this past weekend at a local gaming store, Gamescape. It was a really fun experience and was a great way to reconnect with the player side of Magic the Gathering... since I have not played Magic in 17 years. The player's excitement and energy surrounding the game was rather intoxicating and I eventually found myself playing a game after a very long hiatus. Also, after a very long wait, I was able to hold my first two Magic cards in my hands. I got to sign loads of my cards and meet a lot of local player and in general had a really fun time of it! Many photos were taken, and here are some of the highlights...

I was given a table to show off my work from Theros, peddle my wears, and sign cards.

My wife was a good sport and kept an eye on things as I wondered about in between signing cards.

It is almost time for the first round of the Prerelease to begin!

Let the games begin!

The wife is learning all about how to play Magic... which she compared to learning algebra. But I think she might have a future on the tournament level of play!
Thanks to Aras for showing her the game!

It was all too much, I had to get my hands on some cards!

PIZZA APOCALYPSE! What every Magic prerelease needs... a mountain of pizza.
This picture does not do justice to just how much pizza there was... and at the speed it disappeared.

I signed whole schools of hippocamps and herds of catoblepas... catoblepases... catoblepi...

One unexpected perk... I got to collect the cards created by my friends and art pals!

Even more cards by friends and art pals! to get them all signed :)

It was only a matter of time... I found myself playing Magic after a 17 year gap. Thankfully I was playing a game of Two headed giant (a two person team plays another two person team) so I had a more experience partner.

I did pull one of my cards... so I guess I am playing black/green! RAWR!

It all seems so familiar and so different to be playing again... but I did not have too long to worry about it, a big dragon killed us in two rounds shortly after this picture was taken. I will need to get a little more familiar with Magic before I play again.

A huge thanks to Ben Bloodworth, everyone at Gamescape, and to all the players for making my first prerelease such a fun and exciting time! Fun times, memories, and I got to go home with some of my cards... I could not have wanted or hoped for better!

That is all for another exciting Monday on the blog, see you back here on Wednesday for new monsters! Until then...

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