Monday, August 20, 2012

Gen Con 2012 - Day 4

Gen Con 2012 Day 4... it all comes to an end. The exhibit hall on Day 4 is open two hours shorter so there is a frantic air to the hall as people try to see everything they missed, make last minute purchases, and prepare for their travels home. It was all a blur to tell you the truth, the previous very full days have left me rather exhausted and kinda in a fog of con overload. Don't get me wrong, it was all well worth it and I am still having a great time. I don't want it all to end, but not sure I have the ability to keep going.... to me, that is the sign of a good con. Not much more I can add to all this... so bring on the photos...

I was hoping some of my work done for Privateer Press was going to emerge at Gen Con. Sadly, it did not, so I will have to wait another day to share that news.

 Chris Seaman did a AMAZING job on his D&D Mighty Mugg. SO COOL!

The wife got herself a painting by Ralph Horsley that we have both had our eye on for awhile.

 By Day 4 the booth has changed a bit.

 Still doing lots of drawings and sketches...

 ...and sketches and drawings.

 Got to see a piece I will have in the next set of Legends of the Five Rings! The set had an exclusive launch at the Con and I got to see one of the three pieces I have in the set. We will have to wait two months to see the rest and for more news on these. The photo does not do this card justice, really happy with how it looks.

 Art director dance party at my booth!
...or not.
Jon and Andrew just happened to stop by at the same time at the booth.

 Everybody loves sketches in their sketchbooks! RAWR!

 Sketching at the con really makes you speed up and work on your impromptu drawing chops. 

And then all at once... it was over. Goodbye Gen Con 2012, you were super fun and I hope that my experiences there echo through the year ahead. I am already signed up for having a booth again in the Artist Alley in 2013, so make your calendars and I will see you there! RAWR!

It guess I need to get my head around returning to normal non con life. Lots to do and lots catch up on waiting for me back in Florida. A lot of new work was announced and shared at Gen Con and I will be sharing it all with you here on the blog very soon! I will also review my Gen Con photos and see if I missed anything fun to share. Time to begin our journey home with a couple flights and several hours in airports...

That is all for today, see you back here next time for more blog fun and more art adventures! Until then...

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