Friday, August 17, 2012

Gen Con 2012 - Day 1

GEN CON 2012 DAY 1! We got the booth all finished up just in time for the hordes of rabid gamers to invade the exhibit hall. The day just seemed to fly by with loads of people passing by, chatting, and checking out all the wears. Got to meet a lot of new people, catch up with some folks from last year, and in general have a fun filled day. Here are some images from the day and some highlights of the comings and goings...

 The booth is all ready! RAWR!

Aaron Miller is super excited about having his picture taken at his booth.

A dragon monster sketch in creatura libri 3! RAWR!

Ran into some unexpected friends in the Fantasy Flight Games booth... more on these new monster miniatures soon! 

Behind our back drop in the legendary Todd Lockwood and the hordes of gamers.

Across from us in the legendary Ralph Horsley (not pictured). We were set up next to Ralph last year and happy to do so again this year.

Loth... giving away free hugs...

 The evil lizards are going to a good home!

 SUPER AWESOME dinner with friends and colleges! Fun times and SO MUCH FOOD! NOMS!

The evening wrapped up with hanging out and drinks and was a really great first day for Gen Con. Looking forward to day two, hope to see you out there!

That's all for Day 1, see you back here tomorrow (hopefully) for Day 2! Until then...

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  1. Color me jealous. You have the coolest life

    1. It has its ups and downs like everything else, but there are some perks! :)

  2. Looks like fun, hopin I can make it back next year.

    1. You were missed, Chris! I am all set up to return next year, hope to see you there! Going to Illuxcon?