Sunday, November 6, 2011

Illuxcon 2011 - Day 3

Day 3! Today is a day of photos... I do not have the time unfortunately to write a lot today. The night are late and the mornings are early. But it was another day of lectures, demos and workshops. A lot centered around Petar Meseldzija and his amazing work. ...but I gotta run so here are some pictures!

Painting demo and lecture by Petar Meseldzija in the auditorium.

Petar Meseldzija at the easel talking about not being afraid of the paint.

Petar Meseldzija begins to mix the paint and find the color and value he is looking for.

Petar Meseldzija's demo got extended when the Art Director's volunteered to move their talk to another room so that Petar could keep working. Here is his demo piece after he was all done.

Jesper Ejsing's WALL OF ART! So much candy for the eyes!

Jesper Ejsing adding to my Monster Manual 2! WOOT!

I brought my book of Petar Meseldzija's drawings I received for my birthday to get signed.

Not only did I get a signature, but Petar did a sketch!

The sea of art at Illuxcon 4!

The award ceremony this year was at the Ramada this year and really nice.

A group of us got together and did some sketching and drawing while we socialize. This was my drawing.

That is all for Day 3 at Illuxcon, see you back here for Day 4! Until then...

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