Saturday, November 5, 2011

Illuxcon 2011 - Day 2

Day 2 of Illuxcon 2011! The long one... Day 2 has become one of, if not the longest, fullest days at Illuxcon. Not only is it the first day of the workshops, demos, and lectures but also ends with the Showcase event back at the Ramada. This year's selection of workshops and lectures so far have been really outstanding. I never even got to look around the exhibit gallery on Day 2 because I was so involved with all the great lectures. The day started out with an art director and artist group critique of work submitted by attendees. Just like last year this was an outstanding and informative event on how to take your work to the next level. Always great to see informed and experienced people talk about art. The rest of the day's events were a mix of how to go about advancing your work, how to find your voice, and make the most of the work you create. There was also a very interesting presentation regarding WiPNation and the online community they are building. The night culminated in the Showcase event where 50 of us got to show our work and talk to everyone. Just as last year, the people set up in the Showcase were a great mix or students, emerging artists, established artists and veteran artists. I had a really great time and had a experience that topped last year's. My sketchbooks were again a big hit and I spent the evening drawing monsters! The festivities continued into the wee hours, though after such a long day I was not up to much, but I have some photos to share...

The live group critique is about to start! The world famous Jon Schindehette was this year's narrator.

At the WiPNation presentation Jon Schindehette got responded to my excessive photographing.

Here we see Jon Schindehette posing with one of our beautiful Shadowcore one sheets. Just look how happy he is to now have one!

I am all set up and ready to go for the Showcase! Fellow Shadowcore members Anna Christenson
and Mike Sass were set up to my right and across the isle from me. As you can see I had a pair of doors to my back, there were my escape route since the world famous Sam Flegal boxed me in with all his great art on my left!

I mentioned above I drew a lot of monsters...

...I of course forgot to take photos of them all...

...but I did manage to snap a couple of photos... that I have a record of some of the monster of Illuxcon 2011!

Pajamas with feet party... Only at Illuxcon! I felt so let out without a pair of my own... not really.

That is all from Day 2 of Illuxcon 2011! I will see you back here tomorrow for all the events and happenings of Day 3! Until then...

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  1. Your showcase looks so good, man! :D Glad to see Jon got his hands on one of our awesome deluxe sheets! Thanks for posting up about each day, I'm seriously upset I wasn't able to make it.

  2. Thanks, Eric! You were missed! Hope to see you there next year. Yes, I was very please to be the one to get the Shadowcore sheet into Jon's hands :D