Thursday, November 3, 2011

Illuxcon 2011 - Day 0

Day 0 of Illuxcon 4! IT BEGINS! Well… I should say it begins with a long day of airports and plane trips. I will never complain about the wonder that is manned flight, but there were so unexpected delays that had me arriving to Altoona later then planned. Past year I had many adventures on Day 0 and arriving so late I thought I missed everything and everybody. Just as I had given up and planned to go have dinner by myself and run some errands, who should walking in as I was walking out, none other then the world famous Ralph Horsley. Moments later Chris Rahn (fellow Shadowcore member!) joined the scene and we were all off to get some dinner! Altoona offered up some really tasty sushi, a pleasant surprise. Now that is the Illuxcon I know and come to expect. More and more folks began to arrive after dinner. It is already shaping up to be an outstanding event!

Everyone is planning on heading over to the event center to start setting up at noon on Day 1. I can't wait to get over there and start documenting the transformation and all the amazing art! Through out the day more artists should be arriving and that means the day is just going to get better.

Though this year's Day 0 was low key I do have some photos to offer...

My luggage arrived and appears intact. Always a huge relief, I hope there are not unpleasant surprises to discover when I unpack.

I have a spot on one of the couches in the lobby that I like to sit while I check email and write my blog posts (like I am doing RIGHT NOW). It has the best internet reception in the whole hotel and the squishy couches are comfy. I also have a good view of everyone coming and going.

I took this moments before Chris Seaman, Aaron Miller and Jim Pavelec arrived. I also missed getting a photo of a Jim landing a spectacular blow to Aaron's arm.

One last view from the couch. You can see my power cord leading to my computer. Since I was trying to keep my carry on bag light I packed the adapter and o course ran my battery down at the airports. There is a super secret plug behind the couch!

That is all or Day 0 of Illuxcon 2011! I will be heading over shortly to begin Day 1, see you back here tomorrow for my coverage! Until then...

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