Friday, November 4, 2011

Illuxcon 2011 - Day 1

Day 1 of Illuxcon 2011! Even though Day 1 is mostly a set up day it was completely filled with so much awesome I almost hurt myself with an AWESOME OVERLOAD!!!!... or something like that. Throughout the day artist were arriving by land, sea, and air and with them their art. It was so great to be able to see folks I have not seen since Gen Con, the Illustration Master Class, or Illuxcon 2010. I look forward to catching up with them over the weekend. Of course there are all the new faces and the people I have never met in person to get to know as well. I took over 80 photos of my adventures of Day 1, though not all of them turned out I really had to narrow it down for the blog today. I think I will let the images do the talking for today...

Ralph Horsley begins to unload his all his amazing work. Once again Ralph had his massive box of awesome shipped over. So much amazing stuff to see!

The exhibit hall is primed and ready for the show! Soon all of this will be absolutely covered in amazing art.

Chris Rahn figures out how best to set up all the great looking work he brought.

The front row of the exhibit hall as boxes and people arrive. Jon is porting a really sharp ArtOrder shirt.

In the fullness of time the exhibit is beginning to take shape!

The front row is coming together slowly but surely.

I made my first purchase of Illuxcon 2011! A Ralph Horsley drawing I have had my eye on how awhile now that he did for Dungeons and Dragons.

More and more begin to appear! So much amazing work!

Chris Seaman, Jim Pavelec, and John Stanko taking a much needed break from the awesomeness to let the mind cool down.

Illuxcon 2011 has officially begun! Things are a moving and a groven!

If Day One is any indication Illuxcon 2011 is going to be the best one yet!

That is all for Day 1! Onto Day 2 and the Showcase event tonight, see you back here tomorrow for all the details! Until then...

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  1. Great coverage as usual Chris and grats on the Horsley piece. Wish I was there to cheer everyone on but alas only in spirit. Have fun and look forward to your continuing posts.

  2. Wish I was there! Luckily I have such an awesome coverage of it from you, thank you so much for doing this:-) Makes my cold weekend in Norway a 100 times better^^

  3. Thanks Dan! You were missed! Hope to see you there next year. And yes, I am VERY happy with my Horsley original! :D

    Glad you are enjoying the posts, Vinter! It is the least I can do to spread the word of Illuxcon! :)