Monday, October 31, 2022

Building a Monster - The Saga: October 2022

The most excellent Michael Bielaczyc continues his Sagaborn (and other old-school RPGs) zine and has included me in his monster-packed October issue. And to make it even cooler, the zine is FREE! As I have already mentioned, it is a monster-focused issue, and Mike and I share the process of us collaborating on creating a new monster. This was a fun article to work on, and I think the way it is presented shows the organic way we work to create something. Speaking of, here is the finished monster created for the issue, the mighty Thm’thc’kr (Thim’thick’kur), or is it the Stelagfright or even the Stelagbite, or it could even be the Braun’flarrik, or maybe the Staggering Rock Mite.

The Thm’thc’kr / Stelagfright / Stelagbite / Braun’flarrik / Staggering Rock Mite

Did I mention that I am on the cover too? My interpretation of the Maya rain diety, Chaac, is the lucky monster on the October cover. I have always liked this piece, and it is great to see it getting some love.

While I will leave the process and discussion of how we went about making this particular monster, I wanted to share the visual steps that I created for this article, which just so happen to be the exact steps I take for all client and personal work that I make. If you have visited the blog before, you are likely familiar with these steps. First off, the thumbnails.

Following the thumbnails, I created the line art for the selected thumbnail.

And with the line art completed, I proceeded to render the final piece.

© 2022 Christopher Burdett

And with that, we have a new monster. There is a bit more to it than these images, but you will need to get the completely FREE October issue of The Saga to learn all about it. And there is a ton more in the issue than making this monster!

That's all for another exciting Monday on the blog. See you back here on Wednesday! Until then...

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