Friday, November 13, 2020

Catoblepas Miniature

File this under things I would never have expected to see in a million years. Last month I shared with you that the Magic the Gathering plane of Theros has been added as a realm in Dungeons & Dragons. This new D&D supplement saw the inclusion of the Breaching Hippocamp painting that I created for Theros. Well, it seems that the Hippocamp was not my only monster coming to D&D. Much to my surprise, the Catoblepas that I painted for Theros has been turned into a miniature. To start things off, here is my Loathsome Catoblepas that I painted for the very first Theros set that came out in 2013.

Loathsome Catoblepas
Magic the Gathering - Theros
© 2013 Wizards of the Coast

For several years after the release of Theros, Magic players would happily tell me at conventions that Loathsome Catoblepas was the worst card in Magic (at that time). Not sure what they were trying to accomplish, and it is not like I had anything to do with the card stats or mechanics, but never the less, player after player would inform me of this fact. As it was the first Magic card I was ever commissioned with and completed, I never knew how to process these interactions. After seven years, it no longer matters because there is now a super cool miniature based on my painting. It is a big mini too. It is incredibly faithful to my painting, and it is a fitting end to the Loathsome Catoblepas journey. Not sure what the stats for this monster is. I feel like I didn't see it mentioned in the Theros D&D book, but I could have easily missed it. Here are some images of the Catoblepas miniature that now lives and frolics in the D&D universe.

Catoblepas Miniature

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