Friday, March 23, 2018

Unexpected Installations

Since Halloween of last year I have stumbled upon a series of unexpected installations in and around the park I walk at every morning. Not sure if they are all by the same person, but I am so happy that they are happening. All but one has either been removed or stolen, but that might be the intent. Whomever is out there doing these I just hope they continue. It makes me really happy to find these and to know that someone out there has the time, energy, and drive to bring a little unexpected joy into this world.

King Frog keeps an eye on the Florida State Capital

The first one that I found was on Halloween morning. A rather awesome jack-o-lantern totem appeared over night. It was next to a train trestle and could seen by passing cars. This one actually lasted untouched for a while before finally disappearing a piece at a time with the very bottom piece finally being removed in the last month or two.

Halloween Totem welcomes you to drive under the train trestle.

The next one I found was actually in the park and made use of an old ticket counter window in a wall surrounding the park. On one side the window is at waist level and on the other it is at or above head level. Two small busts were attached to the metal and there was even a small battery powered LED spot light stuck above them for added light. I had to look down to see them and could have missed them if I was not paying attention. This one was fun and weird and I really enjoyed it. It went up mid February and last a week or two at most. The LED spot light is all that remains and it has fallen off and is just laying were Elvis once sat.

The Kings behind bars.

The most recent one that was brought to my attention (Dear Wife saw this one first) is my favorite. Small sections of AstroTurf with two frog statues has been placed between the lanes of an overpass. The overpass is about 100 feet or so from the park. The frogs are lit most of the time with street lights or the sun and they have a great view of the state capital building. No idea how long this one has been there, but it is out of the way and a little hard to get to, so hopefully it will be there for some time.

The frogs watch the traffic go by all day and all night.

Like I said, no idea who is doing these and if it one person or not. Also no idea if there are any more, but I am constantly keeping an eye out for anything out of the ordinary. If by chance the person responsible for these ever sees this, THANK YOU! You have made my walks that much more enjoyable and Tallahassee even more special. I hope these inspire others to do similar, we could all use a little more unexpected magic in out lives.

That is all for another exciting week on the blog, see you back here on Monday! Until then...

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